Lafeel Face and Eye Set with Bag Kaubite


Lafeel Face and Eye Set with Bag

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Lafeel Makeup brushes enhance a beautiful woman’s makeup routine so she can go out confident that she looks her best and has the highest quality brushes in her makeup routine arsenal. Our founder Albert & Anna have over 15 years’ experience in the makeup manufacturing industry. With this Lafeel has the ability to always evolve our brushes to the latest eco-friendly and vegan standards. If you are looking for the same in your makeup brushes. Lafeel makeup brushes are the perfect fit. Quality + Function + Innovation. Empowering your beauty routine through our commitment to quality, function and innovation. - we do it for you.


Aluminum Ferrule Synthetic Hair 
Wood Handle  -
Package Measurements
11" in Length 3" in Width
5" in Height -
Blending Brush Flat Definer
Concealer Brush Highlighting Brush
Precision Foundation Brow and Lush
Large Powder -
Made in USA Flat Lay Picture Style