10 Pairs Deodorization Bamboo Ankle Socks

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Socks play an essential part in our dress code. They make you look more professional in formal attire and also show how well groom you are on any occasion. There are also health benefits in wearing the right sock. Choose the sock that makes your feet feels comfortable, choose Bamboo fiber men socks


 The bamboo fiber has the ability to pull moisture away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate. These socks can keep your feet dry which helps you avoid fungal infections.
Because of its anti-bacterial and deodorizing feature, Bamboo Fiber makes your feet breathable and feels comfortable.
The Anti-friction capability helps Strengthen the toe and heel section of socks so that they will no longer break easily.
The socks are made up of 74% Rayon from Bamboo,21% Polyester,2% Nylon,3% Rubber. when Compared with hemp or wool, bamboo fiber can help to get rid of allergies.
Tips: Bamboo socks are much softer than normal socks, so they look smaller, but they are super stretchable